Voluntary Vixens

Episode 9 - Bishes Be Cray


Maddie and Jessie discuss the other side of the male-female coin and really lay into our fellow females with some tough love, discussing how feminism has changed over the past few decades, cross-generationally, and where it has left us all today. We talk about the role of the females in their families, workplace, communities, and society generally, and how "doing it on our own" forces us to be more than one person, which stretches us thin, causes resentment, and disrupts the balance we have to find within us to be our best selves. What drives us crazy is the inconsistency of the message of female empowerment but also the victimization and infantilization of women that we need the (Nanny) State to come in and be our men and saviors. Not cool, ladies. Be careful who you demonize!


Tom Woods celebrated a "Ladies of Liberty" week, so s/o to him and them with this suggested episode:


If you're still purporting the Gender Pay Gap as real, you're low-IQ:



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