Voluntary Vixens

Episode 115 - The Water's Warm w/ Dr. Mav

Look who's back! Maddie and Jessie resurface from the depths of their busy lives and (maternity!) brain fog to bring you a conversation with Dr. Irene Mavrikakis, a board certified interventional spine and musculoskeletal specialist. She has been outspoken in the fight for medical sovereignty and bodily autonomy.

Episode 114 - The Remnant Remains, w/ RemnantMD

Thankfully it does remain, the remnant among us are out there, and in the medical field as well. This past week we caught up with neuroradiologist, RemnantMD and talked about confounding, conflict in the workplace, and covid communism generally.

Episode 113 - Gun Laws Are For Bitches

David from the “Morning Drive with David” podcast joins Jessie to discuss the most recent shooting in Uvalde, Texas and reflect on his own experience being in a school shooting back in 1995. How would stricter gun laws stop these shootings from happening in the first place? Why is it that the people that know the least about guns ( including gun laws) are the ones that have the most say about what we should do with them?

Episode 112 - Why We Are Antiwar with Scott Spaulding

Maddie brings on fellow Marylander, Scott Spaulding (maybe better known in the Twitter-verse as @MDVet4… Peace) to join her and Jessie for this week’s chat. They discussed the Defend the Guard movement, the unfortunate loneliness of being antiwar, his awakening, and how to inform the next generation of would-be soldiers of what the real and deadly racket that war actually is.

Episode 111 - Building the Free State of Mind

This week, Jeremy Kauffman let us pick his brain. We talked about LBRY and Odysee, how his invented technology fights censorship through the decentralization, the Free State Project, and how he’s shaking things up running for Senator of NH. We love this guy and had so much fun talking to him.

Episode 110 - Reed Coverdale Mansplains the Dumbing Down of Society

Reed Coverdale of the Naturalist Capitalist podcast joins the Vixens to mansplain why the world seems dumber than s#!t these days, and why it’s probably a good time to get some blue-collar-skilled friends (if that’s not already your collar) and develop your apocalypse trades now.

Episode 109 - Etienne de la Boetie Mansplains The Greatest Scam Known to Man

In this episode, Etienne de la Boetie mansplains to the Vixens just how the State has subverted its citizens for centuries, especially through public indoctrination, I mean schooling.

Episode 108 - Moe Factz Mansplains the Mandate

Moe Factz helps us kickoff Mansplain March 2022. We talk about how the year since we last spoke has turned out, including what the mandate specifically meant for him, getting into the layers under the surface. We’re sitting on a powder keg, y'all. Get yourselves right and stay cool. They want us to freak out and act out. Don’t give them any satisfaction.

Episode 107 - Finding Love Among the Unjected

This week, the Vixens sat down with Shelby Thomson, the co-founder of Unjected, a platform for those with a love of medical freedom and bodily autonomy. If you're looking for love or looking for the confirmation that YOU'RE NOT ALONE, give this a listen. We want YOU to find your Apocalypse Partner. Or, just some really good friends and a community of like-minded people across the globe.

Episode 106 - Watching the Warhawks with Kyle Anzalone

The vixens are taking a break from talking about CovAIDS to discuss foreign policy with Kyle Anzalone, writer/journalist for The Libertarian Institute and Antiwar.com. He’s also co-host of Conflicts of Interest podcast. Listen to learn more background on recent history of US foreign relations with Ukraine and Russia.

Episode 105 - The Vixens Ring in The New Year

Jessie and Maddie reunite after the holiday season has passed to reflect on last year, and the COVID Era in general, and look ahead to the coming year. They are reminded that it’s worth continuing to fight to get the truth out there, especially now as more are open to it than ever.

Episode 104 - Strengthening the Individual, Literally, w/ MindPump Sal

The Vixens ended 2021 speaking to Sal DiStefano of MindPump Media and their MindPump podcast - the most popular fitness podcast in the world. He’s been working in the health and fitness industry for most of his life, and we had a wonderful conversation about what being mindful and health conscious will do for your body, mind, and spirit, and why the government would be so keen on preventing you from being your most independently healthy self. Happy New Year, Vixies!

Episode 103 - Conscientiously Objecting to the War Machine, w/ Jessica Pavoni

Maddie and Jessie had the privilege to speak to Jessica Pavoni, ex-Air Force pilot that woke up to the atrocities that our government was committing in real time while serving in active duty, conducting special ops overseas. She and her red-white-and-blue-bleeding husband, also an ex-Air Force pilot, went down the Ron Paul rabbit hole, discovered the NAP, and figured the only way they could sleep at night adhering to these first principles was to leave the only life they knew, and tell their higher ups that they wanted out, for deeply held philosophical reasons and beliefs. The State doesn’t let go of it’s slaves that easily… and it doesn’t like when one realizes that the “freedoms being caught for” overseas are actually ones that we’ve long since lost at home.

Episode 102 - Just Say NO to the Metaverse

We all need friends in these dark and strange times, so we felt incredibly lucky to be joined once again by our friends, Monica Perez and Brad Binkley of The Propaganda Report. We played catch up, learning about the Metaverse, discussing Germ Theory, and speaking to the need for us to all keep our cool as things get weirder and weirder.

Episode 101 - Radicals vs. Extremists w/ Shane Hazel

Jessie and Maddie sit down with Shane Hazel to talk about his military experience and what led him to question everything he once believed. They also talk about the state of the world today and how the two party system is an abject failure. What are the solutions?

Episode 100 - The Vixens Turn 100!

100 episodes! This week we live-streamed our boozy 100th episode with our good friends, Cam and Jessica from The Mad Ones. We talk demons and preparing oneself for spiritual warfare, reminisce about our origins and earlier shows, and just have a good time shooting the sh!t with one another on this milestone episode.

Episode 99 - The Vixens Have Been Awake

Maddie and Jessie made a new friend, LB Muñiz of the Been Awake podcast. Check out his show and substack, and join us for our conversation regarding the matrix, pills, and who’s on which one. We enjoy a little AOC bashing and discuss how absurd it is that politics and pop culture have collided, but I think we all saw this coming.

Episode 98 - A Pilgrim's Progress

Maddie and Jessie were joined this week by their producer and fellow MLGA Network podcaster, Ryan aka TechnoAgorist. They caught up with him to discuss his pilgrimage--of sorts--to Florida, the land of the Free-er, and picked his brain about his work with Blockchains and cryptocurrencies.

Episode 97 - The Real Deal with Kristen Meghan

Listen to the experts, right? Oh, wait... not THOSE experts. This week, Jessie and Maddie bring on an actual subject matter expert, industrial hygienist, whistleblower, fellow podcaster, and badass lady voluntaryist, Kristen Meghan of Real Deal Media, to discuss the latest forms of medical tyranny and torture, especially as it relates to our kids.

Episode 96 - Practical Preparedness

The Vixens sit down with The Preparedness Guy during National Preparedness Month (who knew?!) to discuss the basics of preparing your home and family for everything from simple disruptions all the way to a zombie apocalypse. Getting prepared doesn't have to be a scary thing. In fact, it will likely reduce stress and make you a better person. You'll enjoy this one.

Episode 95 - Mark Changizi Visits the Vixens

This week, Mark Changizi joins the Vixens to talk about how the unprecendented interventions over the last year and a half will lead to societal side effects likely never seen before.

Episode 94 - To Hell With the Human Haters

This week, the Vixens are joined by Pierre Desrochers and Joanna Szurmak. Do you think the world is overpopulated? Do you see people as parasites feeding off of our environment and making it worse? Have you ever thought that maybe if we got rid of half the people, everything will be better? Well, that’s a big fat lie and Pierre and Joanna are here to tell us why.

Episode 93 - The Vixens Talkin' Over Adam Patrick

Hosted by Adam Patrick, the Vixens join in on the fun of his show Yer Talkin Over me. He gets them to discuss their own personal evolutions, thoughts on morality, natural order, and some of what they think the key building blocks of Ancapistan would be.

Episode 92 - When the Man Shuts You Down

The Vixens are joined this week by the bar owner who was arrested from his own establishment’s rooftop as he protested NYC’s draconian and authoritarian lockdown policies, Mr. Danny Presti of @MacsPublicHouse. They may have finally managed to shut his business down for the moment, but he did not go down without a fight. Here’s his message on why none of us should either.

Episode 91 - Peddling Fiction Swapcast

This week, the girls are off vacationing, so we are dropping their recent appearance on the Peddling Fiction Podcast. They spoke about being a woman in the libertarian sphere and more. Enjoy the show and make sure to check out the Peddling Fiction Podcast!

Episode 90 - The War on Normal

Crazy what is deemed “controversial” and offensive content these days, but we’re pretty sure we’ve probably struck both on this Vixen-only episode where Maddie and Jessie check back in on recent examples of cognitive dissonance, contradicting beliefs, and conformity-promoting propaganda.

Episode 89 - Speaking Truth to Medical Power with Dr. Lindsay

The Vixens this week are joined by friend, colleague, and ally, Dr. Janci Lindsay, PhD. She’s a molecular biologist, pulmonary toxicologist, and made her “internet break” when she gave a public comment to the CDC about her numerous concerns about the ongoing jab rollouts we’re all witnessing. Considering the attempted censorship, canceling, and discrediting of any “dissenters”, it’s nice to have an expert on our side, speaking truth to the medical powers that be.”

Episode 88 - The FDA is Not Your Friend, w/ Dr. Mary Ruwart

Maddie and Jessie sit down with the Dr. Mary Ruwart to discuss her experience as a pharmaceutical researcher and how the FDA interferes in not so healthy ways. She is also the author of “Death by Regulation”, “Healing Our World” and “Short Answers To The Tough Questions”. Dr. Ruwart is also a public figure and activist in the liberty movement and ran for Presidential nomination in 2008 for libertarian party.

Episode 87 - Standing Your (Rational) Ground w/ Megan Mansell

Maddie and Jessie are joined this week by badass SAHM, former district education director, expert on PPE, Rational Ground contributor, and tireless Twitter threader, Megan Mansell. She's been sounding the alarm on the mask-front for the past year and a half, and gives so many reasons why it's not something to shrug off with "it's only a mask.”

Episode 86 - Stacey Rudin and The Moral Panic

The Vixens are joined by former litigator, Stacey Rudin, contributing writer for the American Institute for Economic Research. We discuss the importance of playing to our strengths and the division of labor when it comes to standing up to authoritarianism.

Episode 85 - The Spiciest Welfare with the Biting the Bullet Boys

This week, Maddie and Jessie talk to the boys from Biting the Bullet, Luke and Typo. Both former Marines with the goal of fighting the war machine from their unique position as anti-war vets, the boys bring a much needed perspective when it comes to the military, the spiciest welfare of all.

Episode 84 - Transitioning with Tristan Haggard

Maddie and Jessie get the chance to sit down with the Stunning and Brave Tristan Haggard of Primal Edge Health. Zhe talks about their transition into butch lesbianism and If you can’t tell then you’re obviously a bigot! We also talk about the absurdity of the world and the authoritarianism brought to us via CV19 and the dreaded stabs and stab passports.

Episode 83 - The Death of Free Speech with Diana Death

Special guest Diana Death tells her story of struggle with trying to hold onto her freedom of speech. Diana Death has been playing music and forming bands since she was 15. Being a part of the punk scene, she never thought that she would watch her colleagues sell out as much as they have. Give her music a listen. You’ll love the message.

Episode 82 - Cutting Phootloose w/ The Pholosopher

Maddie and Jessie have a social hour with one of the OG Internet Liberty Ladies, The PHOlosopher. They talk about the importance of self work and self care, as the ripple effects for a better world and society start with you, the individual, and how that is more vital than ever given the past year of trauma and tyrannical abuse.

Episode 81 - The Economics of Medical Tyranny with Dr. Bob Murphy

The Vixens welcome the great Bob Murphy on the show to discuss the many layers of economic destruction we have witnessed this past year, but also how exactly the healthcare system had been primed for hijacking long ago. Incentives matter, basic economics matter, data matter, and he helps bring all that to life.

Episode 80 - Combating the Pervasive Pessimism w/ Joanna Szurmak

From behind the walls of academia (well, academia on lockdown and work-from-home orders, that is), we are joined by Canadian research librarian (and fellow Misesian!), Joanna Szurmak, to discuss the culture of fear and constant pessimism, and where that comes from. We also talk, more importantly, about how to overcome the doom and gloom and shining our lights in the pervasive darkness to which others can be drawn.

Episode 79 - The Deleted Dr. Campbell

Maddie and Jessie bring on @drbradleycampbell , the day of his Big Deletion from IG, and we talk about the censorship those dissenting voices from the medical community have faced and still face on a daily basis. We also talk about his hands-on experience treating patients all year, with the Coof, post the jabs, and what all that looks like in reality. Team Doom won’t like this one, but we had a great time having a truth-seeking conversation with someone trying to make a difference and give a voice to others.

Episode 78 - Brad Binkley’s Titillating Take on Propaganda

Maddie and Jessie sit down with Brad Binkley of the Propaganda Report to discuss propaganda. Are women more susceptible to propaganda or are the propagandists targeting women? Listen and find out.

Episode 77 - Mo' Mansplainin with Moe Factz

Jessie and Maddie are joined by Mr. Factz himself, of the Moe Factz w/ Adam Curry podcast. They discuss the importance of paying attention to, but avoiding falling victim to the divisive propaganda splitting the genders apart further, how to bridge the gaps and animosity at play between men and women today, and the benefits of playing to your own genders' strengths in terms of growing healthy families and communities. I guess this might be triggering to some? I guess biology is sexist? We'll let you decide.

Episode 76 - How To Be A Voluntary Solutionary (with Maj Toure)

Maj absolutely stole the show (uh, we let him) this week with the Vixens as he Mansplained the importance of gun rights, self defense, effective training, and being responsible for your own safety first as a means to expand one’s autonomy.

Episode 75 - Sandwiches and Satire with Robbie the Fire

This week the Vixens are joined by comedian and podcast host, Robbie "The Fire" Bernstein to discuss female humor in comedy vs. the real world, sandwiches and other important life skills.

Episode 74 - Welcome to Mansplain March

Maddie and Jessie kick off women’s history month with a healthy dose of testosterone. Cam Harless of The Mad Ones and Thaddeus Preston of Thank You For Your Servers take over the episode to mansplain feminism and racism to the Vixens. This episode is not for the weak.

Episode 73 - The Vixens Meet a Right-Wing Extremist (featuring Carey Wedler)

Jessie and Maddie sit down with Carey Wedler. Carey talks about she got labeled “right wing” and her frustrations with ever changing definitions of words and how important it is to move away from labels.

Episode 72 - Free Thought Crime w/ Jason Bassler

Jessie and Maddie talk to one of the original Free Thought Criminals himself, Jason Bassler of The Free Thought Project and Policing the Police. We talk censorship, alternative platforms, boomers, and retaining consistency and morality in a world where truth is considered treason.

Episode 71 - The Thick Red Line

Maddie and Jessie were lucky enough to be connected (via a former guest on the show) to Howard Lichtman, one of the founding members of the recently organized Thick Red Line Project. Howard discusses its inception, utility, and applicability, especially in a year when the police are more pawn-like to the politicians that are all of our same enemies than we’ve seen in quite some time. We all have a choice, but TRL is aiming to give “officers of the peace” the tools to make better choices, more moral choices. This episode should have some unifying themes for you to bring to your friends/family on the left, right, and in untethered anarchyville.

Episode 70 - Honk If You Hate Clown World

In this day and age, the definition for words are ever-changing. Maddie and I discuss how words like “fascism“ have gone through a myriad of definitions in just a short period of time. These changing definitions also have an impact on culture and how different groups look at each other and treat each other. When society is split in half, and they have different definitions of the same words, that rarely leads us in a positive direction.

Episode 69 - The Vixens Meet Jeffrey Tucker

This week, we nabbed a chat with Jeffrey Tucker to discuss his new book: Liberty or Lockdown. We talked about the economic and psychological damage wreaked by the government at every level over this last year and discussed what hopes we have for the future.

Episode 68 - Boobs and Freedom with @TweetsByBritt

This week, Maddie and I sit down with Britt for the illustrious “The Freckles and Britt Show”. We talk COVID, lockdowns, elections, vaccinations, what it’s like living and being high risk within the current paradigm, being a liberty lady on social media and, of course, boobs.

Episode 67 - Tactical Buffaloes Swapcast

This week, we have a Swapcast with Connell from the Tactical Buffalo podcast. He and the girls have a conversation about life, 2020, and current events. Enjoy and make sure to check out their podcast!

Episode 66 - Collapsing the Narrative With Rita Rogers

This week, Maddie and I sit down with Rita, a registered nurse working in the ICU. We talk through her experience working with COVID patients, how current COVID policies interfere with patient care, and how the corporate press and the Cathedral make her and every other nurse whose goal is to provide exemplary care to patients’ job far more difficult as the dark cloud of this coronavirus and the tyrannical government response lingers overhead. We all discuss how the COVID narrative is just another symptom of a very sick healthcare system where the emphasis is placed on treating disease rather than focusing on prevention and health. Rita is a wealth of information and a wonderful complement to Maddie and I as we tear down the narrative that has held the world captive since March.

Episode 65 - Thankful for Decency

This week, Jessie and I are back to rehash the electoral weirdness and break down both parties’ reactions. We highlight how the corporate media and social networks are trying to control the narrative and how desperate they are. We are thankful for the eye-opening opportunities these clowns in high towers are giving us, which is almost as good a gift as being able to spend the holidays with family, cherishing the things and the people we hold dear. What are you thankful for in our current dystopia?

Episode 64 - Just Say No w/ Mike Maharrey

Longtime MLGA friend Mike Maharrey, host of the GodArchy podcast and communications director for the Tenth Amendment Center, joins Maddie and Jessie to discuss practical means of disobeying the Federal Government, nullification, expanding personal liberties, decentralization and other favorite themes of anyone that loves and prioritizes Liberty.

Episode 63 - Becoming Videodrome with Jessica Green

Jessica Green joins Jessie to discuss the 1983 Cronenberg film “Videodrome”. In this episode they break down the movie scene by scene so SPOILER ALERT! They discuss how even with the age of when the movie was made the themes are timeless and many great films that came after pay homage to these themes. J&J also discuss Cronenberg's other films and similar conspiratorial themes. Then they discuss how art can open our minds to what artists are thinking even if the artists are unaware.

Episode 62 - As Grassroots As It Gets, with @wabisabipermaculture

A fellow anarchist yogi found Maddie on IG (we exist!) so she and Jessie had on the lovely Embry from @wabisabipermaculture to discuss the basics surrounding permaculture, sustainable living, food science, and how growing liberty starts in your own backyards.

Episode 61 - Killectivism

Your two favorite individualist Vixens, Jessie and Maddie, take a step back from the distracting chaos to remind you to focus on the theme that causes problems, not the countless little problems themselves: collectivism. Lumping us all together, erasing our individual identities, responsibilities, and liberties is not only harmful to each of us right now in the short term, but the Covid Collectivism is going to have untold ramifications for years to come.

Episode 60 - Statheist Season

Jessie and Maddie rope in @lesbertarian to vent a little bit about voting, everyone’s favorite verb and pastime. Well, for some people. The Season of the Statheists is absolutely upon us, and the vixens discuss where we see it coming from the leftists, the right, and the Libertarians (big L matters).

Episode 59 - The Anti-Human Charade Continues

Maddie is back after a rollercoaster end of summer, and shares fresh grief over her aunt’s passing. She and Jessie relate this to the actual lack of care of others, especially the most vulnerable right now, the ill, elderly, and the young and impressionable. Despite the cry of the virtue-signalers, it is apparent that they truly only care about themselves, and not those that are most at risk of the serious consequences of the lockdowns, psychotic protocols, and distancing. It’s anti-human to the core.

Episode 58 - Political Survival Lessons from “The Hunt”

Jessie is solo for this episode to discuss the underlying theme of the movie “The Hunt”. To sum the theme may be obvious but too many they will get lost in the stereotypical depictions of the characters. Watch the movie first if you don’t want spoilers.

Episode 57 - Bloody Revolutions Never Last

Maddie is out with THD... again, but not to worry. Jessie joined by THE Jessica Green of the Jessica Green show and Cam Harless of Make Liberty Great Again. Together they compare the French and Russian revolutions and the lessons we should have learned from that history. They also talk scary movies and possible philosophical themes. This episode goes deep.

Episode 56 - Free Your Children from Prison

Long time friend of the show and of the MLGA Network, the Stead at Home Mom, Nicole Parks, joins Maddie and Jessie to talk about ways to make homeschooling a viable option for your kids and your families, why the public school system is a big fat failure, and how taking the responsibility of educating your children back will strengthen your communities. Liberty, sadly, isn’t taught in schools and as we all know, it has to start at home home.

Episode 55 - Outgrowing Our Oppressors with wishabishwould

Maddie and Jessie sit down with wishabishwould to discuss the most anarchist thing you can do! Gardening. Also how to be self-sufficient in a world that tells us to lean on government.

Episode 54 - Strengthening Self-Ownership with Tamara Lee Standard

While Jessie is on vacation, frolicking in fields of Corona, Maddie revisits a topic she tackled a while ago, solo, but is now joined for a long overdue chat with fellow Anarchist Yogi, @tamaraleestandard. They get to talk about the meaning of yoga, both as the normies see it, but also how we as liberty lovers see it and use it to strengthen and empower ourselves. Wearing both the hats of the philosophical anarchist and the yogi, they discuss how it furthers the individual’s ability to strengthen that self-sovereignty, self-mastery, and self-worth that they collectivists and the statists of the world wish they could strip away from people like us. People like YOU, Dear Listener. Follow us both for all things peace, love, liberty, and yoga 🧘🏻‍♀️✌🏼🕉 — @voluntaryvinyasa

Episode 53 - Illness As A Political Tool, ft. The Prop Report

Maddie and Jessie were rejoined by THE Monica Perez, of the must-listen Propaganda Report podcast along with her co-host and producer, Brad Binkley. We talk about the (non-viral) illnesses that our society is facing: the infantilization of targeted groups, us being de-platformed, dependence to the state, allegiance to the false idols of the intelligentsia, and the toxicity of Marxism, considering how much that underlies much of today's political discourse and manufactured divisions. We didn't think we'd go this long, but we sure did.

Episode 52 - The Odd Vixens In

Maddie and Jessie sit down with Oddman from “ The Oddcast: featuring the Oddman Out”. They discuss scientism and how it’s become the new religion and how even with mountains of research many people will not change their minds.

Episode 51 - Tales from the Front Lines

Jessie interviews Kristin who happens to be a registered nurse and spent 2 months working in the ICU at a local hospital in Queens, NY. Kristin spills some tea on what she saw while she was there and weighs in on the mask debate. Afterwards Jessie and Kristin do the cinnamon challenge.

Episode 50 - Capitol Fuzz

Interesting show today! Jessie and Kim talk to Jason, who happens to be a Capitol Hill law enforcement officer in DC. Jason happens to be a libertarian as well which means he has some pretty interesting takes on the current climate of rioting and the call of defunding the police.

Episode 49 - Lessons From Tuskegee

In this episode Jessie sits down with Truth, host of The Truth Disciple to go over the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment. This leads to a great discussion on how black americans view and trust healthcare workers and how that has led up to either blind allegiance or huge distrust in the system as a whole. There seems to be very little in between. There is also more to unpack on this topic as Covid-19 is back in the news and it brings up more questions about how much trust we should put into the gigantic health care organizations like the CDC, WHO and of course our buddy Billy Gates.

Episode 48 - Voluntaryism In Action

We found more unicorns! Well, really they found us. Maddie and Jessie brought on the ladies behind the scenes of Voluntaryism In Action. We learned a lot about their organization and how they’re acting out the philosophy. From statists to voluntaryists, we’ve all come a long way. We talk about their current and upcoming charity projects, given the recent mayhem of the world, and gush about how much we love liberty. And Mises. So you, know, more silly girl stuff.

Episode 47 - We’re NOT Silent, You’re Not Listening

The Vixens were granted permission to speak! Thanks Kim! Now that we've gotten that taken care of, we felt it was important to talk about #BlackOutTuesday, the virtue-signaling nightmare that hijacked the #BlackLivesMatter discussion, the riots versus the peaceful protests spanning the nation, and why this "conversation" just perpetuates the racism that it's supposed to combat.

Episode 46 - Down With the Sickness

Jessie and Maddie talk about being sick of Covid and how it just made 2020 and people, in general, more annoying. There is mention of a certain dead president who might have created AIDS in a Canadian bio-weapons lab and discussion of the new normal.

Episode 45 - Liberty Love Advice With Tactical Buffalo

Maddie helps out some Buffalo friends by candidly answering some "dating advice" questions from the guys of the Tactical Buffalo Podcast, specifically directed towards ladies in the liberty movement and how to (improve your chances) at landing one of us liberty belles.

Episode 44 - Naughty By Nature

Jessie has David from “ The Morning Drive with David podcast” on to get philosophical about human nature and good vs evil.

Episode 43 - My Science is Better than YOUR Science

The LesbiVixen Kim (@Lesbertarian) joins Jessie and Maddie for some lockdown chatter over a glass (of varying sizes) of wine. We talk about the psychological warfare being waged on us all, and how the mainstream and the public’s religion of backing the Saintly Scientists seems to be nothing but a doomsday cult. We’re here to help keep your sanity in check, YWFOS.

Episode 42 - #NotSoSafeAtHome

Maddie and Jessie talk with a listener and friend about domestic violence during the quarantine and discuss why maybe shutting down the economy wasn’t the best idea or the safest. Once again government is “fixing” a problem while also creating four times as many in its place.

Episode 41 - Winning the War

Jessie finds herself alone in more ways than one. While Maddie is practicing self-care, Jessie discusses the ongoing misinformation about the Chinese Coronavirus and talks about the real crisis...our loss of freedom.

Episode 40 - How to Combat Burnout

Jessie sits down with life coach Uwe Dockhorn. Life is only getting more stressful for healthcare providers, business owners and... well pretty much everyone. Uwe works with people who are at the point of “giving up” or about to lose everything they love to help them restore their lives. They talk about how important we should see ourselves and our families and how it begins with the individual. There’s a lot of overlap with the principles of the voluntaryist movement. Uwe is a successful life coach who has clients all over the world. He plans to begin cohosting a podcast called “lifegasms” with friend Sherry Fetzer.

Episode 39 - Face Touching for Freedom

It’s a couple weeks into the quarantine and Eric from Rebel with A Cause Podcast joins the Vixens to discuss Tom Hanks disease and the government’s response. The trio talk about how the virus has affected their personal lives. Everyone touches their face the entire episode.

Episode 38 - The Vixens Virus

BREAKING: Maddie does NOT have Tom Hanks Disease. Repeat, Maddie does NOT have Tom Hanks Disease. Knock on wood. She’s back to join Jessie and our friend @Miss_Buckles for a little quarantine chat about how disastrously the government is handling this crisis, and how we’re basically living out the broken leg fallacy. We share our frustrations about the normies that just want more government intervention while us liberty-lovers have been warning of this kind of governmental overreach for years. It is upon us. Buckle up, friends and fam. All that aside, we do remind everyone to remain calm and rational, to spread love to those around you without necessarily spreading your germs. Practice local voluntaryism in these trying times because it ain’t coming from the top. Rated E for some explicit language. Sorry, we’re just annoyed AF with this virus by now.

Episode 37 - Why Hospital Band-Aids Cost $30

Jessie interviews a fellow registered nurse and friend on what the hell is happening in healthcare. The breakdown from a nurses perspective might be the prescription we all need to get off government.

Episode 36 - The Gang's All Here

This is a swapcast from "Morning Drive with David". We have a lively discussion about all things libertarian, with CBRNboogboi and Miss_Lawless and of course myself (Jessie) and David our host. Explicit language and some topics NSFW.

Episode 35 - FAG Reunion

Car and Bird fly on over for a good, old fashioned FAG Reunion. We talked about everyone’s fave, Cenk from TTY, his odd defense of beastiality (really, don’t Google that word), Katie Hill, how to not be a Creepertarian, why you shouldn’t be a cleavage-for-liberty chick, and got the full scoop on the up and coming CHILLDERBURG. It gets weird. But we love these guys. It’s nice to get some laughs in as FAGs.

Episode 34 - Behold a Pale Vixen

Maddie and Jessie discuss the book “Behold a Pale Horse” by William Cooper. They discuss many of the topics brought up in the book and see he was correctly forecasting our present political and social climate. We also cover William Cooper’s ultimate demise and see why he was a very paranoid man.

Episode 33 - Girl Talk With Monica Perez

Maddie and Jessie sit down with Monica Perez from “The Propaganda Report” for some much needed girl talk. Girl talk included impeachment, labor law history, coronavirus conspiracies and so much more. You know, just your basic girly stuff.

Episode 32 - Black Lesbians' Guns Matter

Since Maddie is busy being a slave to evil capitalist pigs, Kim from “Lesbertarian” sits down with Jessie to talk recent politics. They talk guns, MLK day and the Virginia protest. The conversation takes many twists and turns but one thing is for sure. We all should own guns.

Episode 31 - New Year, Same State Shenanigans

Jessie and Maddie return in 2020 to reflect back on 2019 but also discuss the craziness that has already occurred in just the first week of 2020. Government is not your ally, war is not an option and Australia is on fire. The liberty ladies vent their frustrations on how brainwashed society seems but bring it all back to the importance of the individual.

Episode 30 - The Vixens Meet McAfee

Maddie and Jessie sit down with the one and only John McAfee and discuss politics, running for president under the Libertarian ticket and how to live a meaningful life. This is the zen version of McAfee that most people don’t get to experience.

Episode 29 - A Very Vixen Christmas

Maddie and Jessie give you a short break from the holidays and your weird uncle with a Christmas special. Some nice, slow Christmas jams, Jessie reads an original, timely rendition of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas and Maddie uses her stunning and brave singing voice to wish you and yours a very merry Christmas. Checkout the MLGA Network Christmas Special for even more Christmassy goodness.

Episode 28 - #NotMyCircus

Maddie and Jessie touch on the inane current events that are shaping our political sphere, talk about the Deep State and their mouthpiece shill media puppets, and how whiny members of the Right and Left are really just the same.

Episode 27 - The Truth Disciple

Maddie and Jessie talk to The Truth Disciple about history and racism. Truth gives his background as a podcaster and his pursuit of truth, his namesake. Be prepared to learn about racism from a perspective that you wouldn’t expect.

Episode 26 - The Vixens are FAGs

The Vixens spend some time with Birdo and Car on the FAGcast. Join the NSFW party as they go over Cenk Uygur's disturbing dating commandments and the finer points of sexual assault.

Episode 25 - Tear Gas Medic

On a solo mission, Jessie sits down with Jon, a medic who volunteered his services to protesters in Hong Kong.  He was there at the beginning of the siege of Polytechnic University.  Together they compare and contrast protesters in the United States to those in Hong Kong and their differing motivations.  We also covered dirty Chinese police tactics, China's government encroachment across the globe, and what that means for the future of freedom.

Episode 24 - Di$ney Plus Ped0s = No More of My Money

Ryan Burgett of Techno-Agorist sits down with Jessie in this episode to discuss Disney and ABC's complicity in the Epstein coverup. Pedophilia is consistently being covered up by the mainstream media. We also address the "all libertarians are hypocrites" label that normies like to use. Lastly, we talk about sticking to your principles and voting with your dollars.

Episode 23 - Queen of Memes

We have Instagram Royalty with us on this week's episode: @EmpressOfMeme joins us for a chat on the failures of the criminal justice system, the State's monopoly on violence and power, the business that is prison industrial complex and the concept of prison abolition. We talk about her "Red Pill" Moment, Ron Paul, memes, and other libertarian concepts and alternatives. You can mostly find her on IG, at the above handle, Twitter, and she commonly appears with her friends on the eMilitia Podcast.

Episode 22 - Self-Care Is Health Care

Jessie and Maddie made it back together -- feelings of cancellation and other stress-related excuses just couldn't keep us apart! In light of #stressawarenessday, we accepted that as a sign that maybe we should talk about stress, anxiety, depression, how to manage our own stress and strife, and take care of ourselves so that we can deal with the other tragedies of life that are outside of our control. We share tips and strategies that we use and that are accessible to everyone - making you saner libertarian in (okay we went over...) 30 minutes a day!

Episode 21 - Zombieland

Hey Vixies, Maddie and Jessie reconvene after the hijacking, I mean sub-co-hosting of David (from The Morning Drive with David, also on our MLGA Podcast Network) to talk about recent Mainstream Media failures, psychosis, TDS, and blind spots of the Right. They remind you the importance of taking in as much information from all sides as possible so that YOU can make your own conclusions and YOU, the individual, can think for yourself. No one deserves a pedestal or the idolatry. Build up your own mind, build up your own communities, and make these overlords obsolete.

Episode 20 - Hide Yo Kids...

While Maddie is away on business, David Derryberry of "The Morning Drive With David" joins Jessie to discuss their personal experiences with DCS/CPS. They attempt to hammer out how libertarians should approach child safety as well as when and if government should intervene. Should government have the power to remove children from their parents? If not, then what? Also, Pennsylvania = North Korea, and selling yourself for drugs may be a viable option in a libertarian utopia.

Episode 19 - Three Girls, One Podcast

This week, we add a brand new guest Vixen to the lineup, our favorite lesbian, Kim Schjang. She is starting up a new show on our network, Lesbertarian, and we had her on to talk about her new show as well as to talk about the dynamics of the left, the right, and the libertarians as they eat their own. Join us for a good time and a good conversation as we introduce you to our favorite lesbian.

Episode 18 - Grow Families, Not Government

Maddie and Jessie discuss a spicy meme that got a lot of heat... from a guy that believes the myth of overpopulation. Apparently we’ll really live in paradise when there are less of us! This and other Malthusian and Ehrlich-inspired insanity discussed this week.

Episode 17 - So What if I’m a Truther?

Maddie and Jessie reflect on the anniversary of 9/11. They talk about America before and after the horrific attack, how American foreign policy may have played a role and how the official 9/11 government story doesn’t add up. Have all the changes our government has made since 9/11 made us any safer?

Episode 16 - Smells Like White Privilege

That’s right, you do smell white privilege. And it’s lavender scented. Maddie and Jessie talk about everyone’s favorite -ism, laying out how the left tends to find racism in every nook and cranny and how in response, many on the right decide that it actually doesn’t exist. Per usual, they’re both wrong, and we try and show that middle ground where a rational person might find themselves.

Episode 15 - Yoga is for Libertarians

Maddie takes the lead on this solo-sode to reflect on her time and experience in the yoga community, and discusses how much of a disparity there is between the yogic values and actual political stances of "peace&love" members of the yoga community. This is just an introductory episode to the idea that she'd love to explore and discuss further down the line (after more preparation and self-study!) but touches on how she believes the practice of yoga is truly in line with libertarian and voluntaryist values and principles. If you can forgive her for the rambling, and some woo woo-ness, you might see something that you haven't seen or thought of before. We all talk about how to spread the ideas of liberty, and understanding groups that may be more sympathetic to our views than we realize could be a step in the right direction.

Episode 14 - Gun Control is THOT Control

In light of the recent headline-news mass shootings, the Vixens take the time to talk about gun control and gun culture. Maddie and Jessie give a breakdown as to how the main two political/ideological wings differ from one another, and where us "small L" libertarians tend to fit.

Episode 13 - There's No Place Like Home

Maddie's back on American soil and she and Jessie pick up where they left off. They discuss the best and worst things about traveling to foreign countries, discuss what Maddie experienced in both Scotland and Ireland, American exceptionalism and what Maddie sees as the "Great" in the MAGA Mentality. They also reflect on the importance of knowing your surroundings while traveling, understanding the context you're there within, appreciating that cultures do vary and can be very different from one another. The Vixens explain that some differences we experience come down to the celebration of the individual which contradicts the latest wave of making collectivism fashionable, and the soft socialism harbored in other countries. As always, Maddie and Jessie like to stress the importance of individual freedoms, the principle of non-aggression, and in this episode they touch on how putting those ideas forth to the rest of the world, in a non-violent and non-compulsory way, would actually make us the example for the rest of the world that some Americans might think we already are.

Episode 12 - He’s Bad, She’s Bad, We’re All Bad

Jessie quips back on those who are quick to claim victim blaming for "victims" of their own bad judgement. Use good judgement. Don’t put yourself in vulnerable situations and do research before you travel.

Episode 11 - Conversation with a Public School Teacher

Jessie is going solo because Maddie decided Ireland and scotland is more exciting than podcasting. Jessie sits down with a local public school teacher to discuss what issues she faces under the weight of the all powerful department of education. We discuss standardized testing, state standards, how terrible meetings are, how terrible parents are, vouchers and teachers unions. We also touch on behavioral issues with students and prevalence of child abuse by teachers. There was so much to talk about that there may need to be a part 2 to this discussion somewhere in the future.

Episode 10 - Why Can't We Be Friends?

It’s been a while, but now they’re back! Jessie and Maddie discuss the challenges of being friends with those of differing political opinions. They discuss the do’s and don’ts of how to keep it sane, keep it peaceful and keep it voluntary.

Episode 9 - Bishes Be Cray

Maddie and Jessie discuss the other side of the male-female coin and really lay into our fellow females with some tough love, discussing how feminism has changed over the past few decades, cross-generationally, and where it has left us all today. We talk about the role of the females in their families, workplace, communities, and society generally, and how "doing it on our own" forces us to be more than one person, which stretches us thin, causes resentment, and disrupts the balance we have to find within us to be our best selves. What drives us crazy is the inconsistency of the message of female empowerment but also the victimization and infantilization of women that we need the (Nanny) State to come in and be our men and saviors. Not cool, ladies. Be careful who you demonize!

Episode 8 - The Future is Fatherhood

Episode eight is all about man love. Especially, the most important role any man will ever take, that of the father. Maddie and Jessie debunk the myth of toxic masculinity and discuss how important it is for men and women to work together and coexist peacefully. They also delve into a discussion about gender roles and how those roles accomplish balance within relationships and families. Other topics include: divorce and custody battles favoring women over men, finding your authentic self, and how men are truly awesome and they deserve more appreciation than they get.

Episode 7 - Educate Yoself (Befo' You Wreck Yoself)

Maddie and Jessie talk this week about how the State uses intelligentsia to push its agenda (which is usually war and divisiveness) and touch on how modern day education is more propaganda than actual learning. Schooling does not equal education, education does not equal intelligence, and intelligence does not determine morality.

Episode 6 - War Is Hell

Jessie and Maddie come to you on Memorial Day Weekend to discuss the tragedy and after effects of War. We honor the troops by calling out the warmongers that got us into past foreign interventions and rail against those that only seek to do more. Why not give peace a chance after all this time and all of these lives lost? We're not experts in history or foreign policy, but follow good people that are, and would suggest anyone do the same.

Episode 5 - Legally Addicted to Babies

On a solo mission, Jessie tackles some controversial topics. she discusses Drug Legalization vs Decriminalization/Addiction and Alabama's heartbeat bill as well as taking listener questions. She brings a unique perspective that stems from her work experience and her religious background but also tries to tie in the voluntary philosophy.

Episode 4 - Word to Yo' Motha

Maddie and Jessie discuss motherhood and femininity within the libertarian paradigm and point out that Alyssa Milano is tacky.

Episode 3 - Don't Ban Me, Bro

Jessie and Maddie discuss freedom of speech and the importance of protecting that right. Freedom of speech is a right for everyone, from the worst individual to the most inspiring. If we ever hope to have a sane, peaceful and voluntary society, then we have to have open discourse.

Episode 2 - Show Us on This Doll Where You Were Oppressed

In this episode we discuss female oppression and the differences between being oppressed in the United States (or the West in general) and what oppression really means in third world countries. We discuss articles that we have found that highlight the differences between what third wave feminism construes as female oppression and the ACTUAL oppression that women experience in countries in other parts of the world. Enjoy or not, it’s always your choice.

Episode 1 - Meet the Vixens

Who are the Voluntary Vixens?