Voluntary Vixens

Episode 54 - Strengthening Self-Ownership with Tamara Lee Standard


While Jessie is on vacation, frolicking in fields of Corona, Maddie revisits a topic she tackled a while ago, solo, but is now joined for a long overdue chat with fellow Anarchist Yogi, @tamaraleestandard. They get to talk about the meaning of yoga, both as the normies see it, but also how we as liberty lovers see it and use it to strengthen and empower ourselves. Wearing both the hats of the philosophical anarchist and the yogi, they discuss how it furthers the individual’s ability to strengthen that self-sovereignty, self-mastery, and self-worth that they collectivists and the statists of the world wish they could strip away from people like us. People like YOU, Dear Listener. Follow us both for all things peace, love, liberty, and yoga 🧘🏻‍♀️✌🏼🕉 — @voluntaryvinyasa