Voluntary Vixens

Episode 38 - The Vixens Virus


BREAKING: Maddie does NOT have Tom Hanks Disease. Repeat, Maddie does NOT have Tom Hanks Disease. Knock on wood. She’s back to join Jessie and our friend @Miss_Buckles for a little quarantine chat about how disastrously the government is handling this crisis, and how we’re basically living out the broken leg fallacy. We share our frustrations about the normies that just want more government intervention while us liberty-lovers have been warning of this kind of governmental overreach for years. It is upon us. Buckle up, friends and fam. All that aside, we do remind everyone to remain calm and rational, to spread love to those around you without necessarily spreading your germs. Practice local voluntaryism in these trying times because it ain’t coming from the top. Rated E for some explicit language. Sorry, we’re just annoyed AF with this virus by now.