Voluntary Vixens

Episode 23 - Queen of Memes


We have Instagram Royalty with us on this week's episode: @EmpressOfMeme joins us for a chat on the failures of the criminal justice system, the State's monopoly on violence and power, the business that is prison industrial complex and the concept of prison abolition. We talk about her "Red Pill" Moment, Ron Paul, memes, and other libertarian concepts and alternatives. You can mostly find her on IG, at the above handle, Twitter, and she commonly appears with her friends on the eMilitia Podcast.

As discussed in the show:

Check out the Empress on the eMilitia Podcast!

The Empress’ #RedPill Moment.

Jessie’s Reading.

The brilliant (so stunning, so brave) Bob Murphy.

Rodney Reed is set to be executed on November 20th despite evidence found that would exonerate him. Sign the petition if you feel so inclined.

#FreeRossUlbricht. That poor, optimistic guy is set to rot in a high security prison for the rest of his life for building a website (and in doing so, clearly upsetting the elites and the status quo).

Learn more about his story from the legendary Tom Woods.


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