Voluntary Vixens

Episode 21 - Zombieland


Hey Vixies, Maddie and Jessie reconvene after the hijacking, I mean sub-co-hosting of David (from The Morning Drive with David, also on our MLGA Podcast Network) to talk about recent Mainstream Media failures, psychosis, TDS, and blind spots of the Right. They remind you the importance of taking in as much information from all sides as possible so that YOU can make your own conclusions and YOU, the individual, can think for yourself. No one deserves a pedestal or the idolatry. Build up your own mind, build up your own communities, and make these overlords obsolete.


Stunning and Brave: Monica Perez of The Propaganda Report, catch her here on Pete Quiñones’ podcast, Free Man Beyond the Wall as they tackle the Snowden/Rogan showcase.


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