Voluntary Vixens

Episode 103 - Conscientiously Objecting to the War Machine, w/ Jessica Pavoni


Maddie and Jessie had the privilege to speak to Jessica Pavoni, ex-Air Force pilot that woke up to the atrocities that our government was committing in real time while serving in active duty, conducting special ops overseas. She and her red-white-and-blue-bleeding husband, also an ex-Air Force pilot, went down the Ron Paul rabbit hole, discovered the NAP, and figured the only way they could sleep at night adhering to these first principles was to leave the only life they knew, and tell their higher ups that they wanted out, for deeply held philosophical reasons and beliefs. The State doesn’t let go of it’s slaves that easily… and it doesn’t like when one realizes that the “freedoms being caught for” overseas are actually ones that we’ve long since lost at home.


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